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Combining Passion and Excellence

Accunea is led by a rounded group of clinicians, scientists, and experts in translational research and development

Senior Management Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Dr J. Nicholas Housby

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Experienced biomedical CEO and investor, track record of scaling precision medicine and genomics start-ups

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Chief Financial Officer

Warren Delo

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Chartered Certified Accountant, working alongside multiple innovative companies

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Director Product Development

Dr Nicholas Hitchins

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Highly experienced chartered engineer in product development with proven track record of delivering multiple medical devices to market

Ana Garrote Canas.jpg

Senior Biochemist

Dr Ana Garrote Canas

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Experienced scientist in the medical device industry, specialised in protein biochemistry and molecular biology assay development

Founded with a shared belief that real-time functional monitoring has the power to improve many areas of current clinical practice, where a lack of data at the point-of-care, an inability to perform predictive analysis, and a lack of population-level clinical insights are leading to sub-optimal patient outcomes.

Accunea seeks to improve confidence and safety when making critical decisions by complementing and enhancing the skills of medical professionals, enabling them to draw upon upon cutting-edge sensor technology, advanced analytics, and design.

Expert Advisory Board

Accunea is complemented and enhanced by knowledge and skills from world-leading experts in biosensing, transplantation, and renal injury

Martyn Boutelle.png

Prof. Martyn G. Boutelle


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Professor of Biomedical Sensor Engineering at Imperial College London, expert in translational research

Vassilios Papalois.png

Prof. Vassilios Papalois


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Professor of Transplant Surgery at Hammersmith Hospital, Europe's largest kidney transplant centre

Fred Tam.png

Prof. Frederick WK Tam


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Ken and Mary Minton Chair of Renal Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital, expert in acute and chronic renal injury

Robert Learney.png

Rob Learney


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co-inventor of Accunea's microfluidics technology board member and advisor

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