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No Good Organ Wasted

Accunea was founded with a shared belief that real-time biomarker monitoring has the power to reduce organ discard rates and to improve patient outcomes following transplantation.


We believe that our technology can overcome the lack of actionable data at the point-of-care, both pre- and post-transplantation..

Accunea seeks to complement and enhance the skills of medical professionals, not to replace them.


We believe that technology best serves patient safety when it gives clinicians novel insights for making critical decisions, such as when to discard a donated organ, or to change a treatment plan.


We achieve this by providing cutting-edge organ health and function monitoring capabilities alongside advanced analytics designed for the specific needs of organ transplantation.

Better Health Outcomes for All

First articulated in the WHO's 1946 Constitution, every human being on the planet has a fundamental right to the highest attainable standard of health.  


Here at Accunea we believe that it falls on us as health technology innovators to help realise this goal. 

As a humane organisation, we embrace the skills, abilities and knowledge that only a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide, to create solutions without bias that promote health equality for all, as set out in the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals.


We also advocate for, and make every effort to diversify our workforce and to improve the health equity landscape. We believe that our differences make us stronger and enable us to be the innovative company we pride ourselves as.

The nature of our business is to enable growth and innovation within the global scientific and healthcare community, and together develop novel and accessible lifesaving technologies. 


We believe creating a better tomorrow starts with the actions we take today, and we continually strive towards improvement and excellence for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and the world. 

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