Making Every Organ Count

A New Standard in Transplant Monitoring

Accunea is pioneering the next generation of continuous, real-time organ function monitoring to ensure that every transplant counts



Accunea's patent-pending microsensor array provides highly accurate continuous real-time assay of multiple established functional biomarkers including creatinine, glucose, lactate, and pyruvate.


Distributed machine learning allows the pooling of data for predictive insights into pre-implantation donor organ function and during point-of-care monitoring in the critical early post-transplantation period.

Making Critical Decisions Easier

Accunea empowers clinicians with dynamic molecular insights 

Bedside Monitoring

Continuous information about transplant organ function at the point-of-care

Trend Analysis

AI system with population comparisons for early warnings

Kidney Function

Sensitive and highly accurate continuous creatinine levels for calculating clearance and GFR


Extensible daily cartridge system for analysis and waste

Metabolic State

Dynamic insights into pre- and post-implantation metabolism with glucose, lactate, pyruvate

EPR Integration

Straightforward integration into most hospital EPR systems

Constructive Collaboration

Accunea is working with leading UK academics and transplant centres

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